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Learn the Sensuality of Pole Dancing-Take an Exotic Dancing Bootcamp! — Dallas

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6 Week Exotic Dancing Bootcamp

**New Series begins Monday, October 19th!!

Location: MoveStudio (North Dallas)

17062 Preston Road

Dallas TX 75248

A powerful exotic dance workout designed to tone, strengthen, build flexibility, increase confidence & improve posture.

This is an inspiring, motivating, and seductive way to get into shape. 6 weeks of powerful sensual workouts that will leave your body tingling and your soul smiling. Each class is designed to target every major muscle group with exotic dance moves. You will gently be pushed past your comfort zone.

Exotic dance moves are the foundation. Learn how to move your hips freely, use the lines and curves of your body, walk and crawl seductively, and much more. Every woman can participate and as you progress, creating your own pace and dance. Offering repetition of the dance moves and transitions, you will fully integrate each move into guided and free dance sequence. Each class is complete with lessons in grace and sensuality that will enhance your dance experience.

Even if you have taken an exotic dance class or pole dancing lesson, you will find that the flexible, personal nature of each series will offer brand new opportunities to further develop your dance skills. You’ll also new sizzle to your routines and deepen your connection to your most beautiful self. People around you will notice a positive difference in you.

We will provide a supportive, fun environment along with hot music and expert guidance for you to freely express yourself.

How to Register: www.movestudio.com or 972.732.0206

1. Wear comfortable workout clothes

2. Bring High Heels

3. Bring Water

4. Ladies Only

5. Willingness to let go and play

Contact Us:

www.zensualdance.com or the Texas hotline: 203-ZENSUAL (936-7825)

  • Dallas, Texas, United States
  • 203-936-7825