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Headboards Made From Doors & Crown Molding Shelves — Dallas

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FRISCO SHABBY CHIC presents HEADBOARDS MADE FROM DOORS! They can be hung on the wall, (for one door designs) or rest on the floor, (for two door designs).

I will build them with a shelf approximately 7" deep and support it with crown molding that I then prime with white paint. The front edge of the shelf it trimmed out with a decorative molding. The headboards are made with standard-height doors and can be made with the doors lying on their side or standing upright, (horizontal or vertical configurations). The backside of the crown molding and shelf are supported so you can rest just about anything you like on it once the headboard is secured to the wall.

If you already have a wood door that you would like me to add a shelf to and convert it into a headboard - those designs start at $75

Single-door designs starting at $125
Double-door designs starting at $175
Three-door designs starting at $225

Please see the samples of a couple of one and two door designs below. Both of those designs are with the doors positioned horizontally.

There are a limited number available - please contact me if you are interested in picking one or more up.

Robert Brantzeg 972.668.2603

Thank you for the business!

  • Dallas, Texas, United States
  • 7622 Greenvalley Lane Frisco Texas 75034
  • 9726682603
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